The Magic Of Making Up

The Magic Of Making Up - The Real Reason (Psychology 101)

Want to know the real reason your girlfriend broke up with you? Want to know the secret women will never let men in on? Start getting excited because most men will go to their graves not knowing this stuff.

First you must come to realize that your ex girlfriend was not originally attracted to you by chance. There were strong physiological factors at work which facilitated her attraction toward you. Attraction is not a conscious choice for women (or men for that matter). Your girlfriend was attracted to how you behaved and eventually lost attraction for you based on how you behaved (again). Like most all men, you eventually stopped displaying the specific traits that women are so drawn to.

The Magic Of Making Up - What Women Want In A Men?

You see, while men are mostly attracted to a woman’s physical beauty, a woman is for the most part attracted to a man’s behavior. There are specific traits men exhibit which attract women to them like crazy. You, at one time, exhibited some of these traits (without even realizing it) to attract your ex girlfriend. As your relationship progressed, you lost some, most or all of these attractive traits and re-placed them with unattractive ones.


What I’m about to teach you has much broader implications than just getting your ex back. You’ll be able to consciously influence any woman’s attraction for you on a much, much more conscious level. I’d say a good 95% of men have no clue how to behave around women (in an attractive way). You’re about to enter the realm of the elite 5%.

The Magic Of Making Up” eBook  will take a much, much closer look at this particular topic. Not reading it will decrease the odds of getting your ex girlfriend back, not to mention actually keeping her when you do.

The Magic Of Making Up - Unattractive Traits

Let’s first discuss unattractive traits. These are the traits you began to display over the span of your relationship. These are the core reasons your girlfriend broke up with you, even if she played it off as some-thing else. In the vast majority of cases, women themselves do not even understand why they suddenly lose attraction for their boyfriend or even husband. It just happens and they don’t consciously know why. But I do…

The Magic Of Making Up - Insecurity

Say hello to the #1 killer of attraction. Women are just as repelled by an insecure man as men are repelled by Rosie O’Donnell. And I’m not even joking!
Insecurity will manifest itself in many, many different forms. Most of which we will discuss below.

The Magic Of Making Up - Acting Jealous

The jealous boyfriend is a very unattractive boyfriend indeed. Jealousy absolutely reeks of insecurity. It says “I feel threatened by other men because deep down I don’t view myself as worthy of you”. Women are not attracted to a man who constantly acts jealous toward other guys because it demonstrates weakness on his part.

These types of jealous guys will ask their girlfriends, who they are with all the time, get pissed off when their girlfriend talks to other men or even hangs out with them. They will often make fun of other men their girlfriend is friends with just to look “cool”. In reality, this type of behavior only makes them look ridiculously insecure.
You need to assume the attitude “other men just make me look good” and leave her talk to whoever the heck she wants, be-cause in the end, you’ll only look better.

The Magic Of Making Up - Being A Control Freak

Putting handcuffs on and controlling your girlfriend only further shows insecurity. Men will often demand their girlfriend not hang out with other men or even their own friends.

A man is controlling because deep down he feels as though he is not good enough for his girlfriend. He thinks he must control her in order for her to stay with him. Ironically, the tighter he closes his fist, the further she will slip through his fingers.
It is human nature to rebel against that which attempts to control us. Much like when we are children, we rebel against our parents for limiting our behavior.

The Magic Of Making Up - “Pedestaling” & Not Valuing Yourself

Women want a man who will value himself just as much as he values her. The minute you put your girlfriend atop a pedestal and start placing her needs ahead of your own is the minute she will leave you. She will lose all respect for you and move on to a man who values himself just as much as he values her.

I hear about guys acting all needy and insecure like this constantly. They like what their girlfriend likes. They do what their girlfriend wants to do. They basically place their girlfriend on a pedestal and say “I value you more then I value myself”. Totally not attractive.

Women want a man who values himself just as much as he values her. No exceptions.

The Magic Of Making Up - “He who cares least, controls the relationship”

Ever wonder why women are so drawn to jerks? Well, this is largely the reason. Women are attracted to the fact they value themselves so much. While this doesn’t mean you should be-come a jerk, you should adopt their positive attitude toward themselves.

The Magic Of Making Up - Being Approval Seeking

Looking to your girlfriend for her approval on everything is in-secure. Being externally validation driven is the hallmark of an insecure, low self esteem man.
Do any of the following sound familiar?
• Do you really like me?
• Do you think my penis is big?
• What would you rate me on a scale of 1 – 10?
• Did you have a good time with me tonight?
• Do you like this shirt?
• How good am I in bed?

The list could go on for the entire length of this article but I’ll spare you the unnecessary drivel. Work on understanding what it means to be approval seeking and think about how you could have been approval seeking while in your relationship.

The Magic Of Making Up - Being Clingy

Spending too much time together is not a good thing. Diamonds are valuable because they are rare. If you could just walk outside your house and pick up a diamond, you wouldn’t pay a jeweler a ton of money for it. I mean, that’s just common sense.

Despite the fact that may be common sense, most people don’t think to consider its social implications. It applies to people perfectly. Stop and consider whether or not you started acting clingy toward the end of your relationship, right before your ex broke up with you.

The Magic Of Making Up - Dominant Traits

Just as there are particular behaviors men display that repel women, there are dominant traits that attract them in droves. First of all, the very fact that you are reading this tells me a few things:

• You’re attractive to women. Since you had a girlfriend, you are to some degree a dominant male yourself. You would not have been able to attract a woman for a long term relationship had you not been. This makes my job a lot easier.

• You take charge and correct things that go wrong in your life. You reading this article and that alone tells me you posses a number of attractive traits.

The dominant traits that attract women are as follows:

The Magic Of Making Up - Leadership

Actively taking the lead and having a plan is of paramount importance. Has your girlfriend ever asked you something along the lines of “what do you want to do tonight?” and you replied with “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Well, we have a problem with that, as it demonstrates a lack of leader-ship. Remember that women are biologically attracted to a specific type of man. It is hard coded in their DNA.

Every time you fail to have a plan, she loses attraction for you. Your role, based on millions of years of human evolution, dictates that you should be the one leading your girlfriend, while she follows your lead. Embrace this.

The Magic Of Making Up - Confidence

We all know that women are for some reason attracted to jerks. Well, confidence plays a huge part in that. Remember that it is not the jerk they are attracted to, but rather the specific traits he displays. Confidence is certainly one of those traits.

It is important that you not confuse confidence with arrogance. Arrogance is a sort of fake confidence and it’s pretty obvious and transparent. Women can smell fake confidence a million miles away. It is not enough to fake your confidence, you must actually possess it. The Ex² System will give you specific techniques for improving your confidence.

The Magic Of Making Up - Self-Assurance

Women do not want a doormat-man. You need to be assured of your own opinions and beliefs. I see a lot of guys compromising their own values because they think that if they do, their girlfriend will like them more. They will change their taste in music, cloths, activities, etc, etc. Women don’t want a puppy dog, they want a man with his own opinions, values and beliefs.

The Magic Of Making Up - Your Purpose

A man who is driven by a purpose is an unbelievably powerful “attraction switch”. We men don’t so much care if the women in your lives have lots of ambition. Sure, if a plus, but it’s not going to drive us wild with attraction. If a woman demonstrates power and ambition we’re not going to be either turned on by it (in the vast majority of cases). In fact, it will probably threaten us and indeed turn us off.

Somewhere along the path of your relationship you may have lot focus with your life. You lost your purpose. In this day and age, it’s extremely hard for a man to have a strong focus and purpose with his life. It’s truly sad, yet so common.
So you might be asking yourself, “What exactly would you consider a purpose?” Well, it’s certainly not routinely going to work each morning, coming home, eating, playing video games and going to bed. Mundane routine is the anti-purpose.

The following are a list of things myself as well as thousands of my past students have focused on, to give their lives purpose:
•Training for an upcoming marathon.
•Striving for financial freedom.
•Working out with the goal of weight loss and “getting ripped” in mind.
•Focusing on getting a record deal or just getting an al-bum recorded.
•Pursuing any kind of sport.
Pursuing anything at all that gives you passion and excitement.

Men who flail about life with no real purpose or reason for being there are not very attractive. Especially when (like most men, and like you probably did) you made your girlfriend your purpose. When this happens, a breakup will soon ensue. Women do not want a boyfriend whose sole purpose in life is to please her.

It’s a major turn off. Instant death of attraction. Don’t blame women for this, because it is how they are programmed to behave, feel and react. There is no conscious choice in the matter.

The Magic Of Making Up - Male/Female Polarity

The men of today are missing something special. Something we used to have up until recently. We men are slowly becoming more and more feminine while women are becoming more and more masculine. Women are genetically pre-programmed to mate with a dominant male. Accept this.

Regardless of how far our society has progressed or how self-aware the human species has become, there will always be an underlying animal instinct driving us along. Women will always be attracted to a masculine, dominant man. Always.

The Magic Of Making Up - Women do NOT want the power in a relationship.

I can hear Oprah crying right now, as I type this. No matter what women say or how many feminists take over the world, this will re-main true. As sexist as it may first appear, I 100% know it to be true. Women do not want to be in a relationship that they control and call all the shots. They want the man to be the one holding all the cards, so to speak.

The Magic Of Making Up - “He who cares least, controls the relationship”

That sentence is worth quoting again because of its implications for your situation. You see, right now your ex girlfriend holds all the power. She cares least. She’s not the one reading an eBook on how to get you back. Know this and accept it. You need to first understand it in order for us to later work on techniques to reverse it.

The Magic Of Making Up - Before And After Shot

Imagine, if you will, a before and after shot of the man you were and the man you eventually became. When you first started dating your ex, you were confident, playful and flirtatious. You were secure in yourself and probably held all the power. If you’re anything like 95% of most guys, you slowly started to change.

Gradually, you began to act more and more controlling, jealous, needy and weak. The male/female polarity started to shift. Your girlfriend began to take on the dominant role while you became increasingly submissive. At around this point, your girlfriends pre-programming kicked in (it’s not her fault) and she began to see you as unattractive.

It’s a lot like a woman who lets herself get fat and then calls her boy-friend shallow for leaving her. Her boyfriend wasn’t shallow; his pre-programming kicked in and caused him to lose attraction. It’s in his genetic code to seek out a specific type of shape: a specific hip to waste ratio, facial symmetry, etc, etc.

The same applies to women and insecure men. An insecure man is like a fat woman. He’s not at all attractive. In a sense, you let yourself get fat with insecurity which is what caused your ex to lose attraction for you.

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