Get My Boyfriend Back

This website is about how to get your girlfriend back but, sometimes women come up to me and ask me:  “how do I get my boyfriend back”? And so I am writing this one down for the ladies, some tips notes on how to get your man back:

Do you still want your ex? You broke up and you don’t know if it’s possible to get him back? Here’s a first tip:

-         Does your ex boyfriend still has interest in you?

Listen to what he says between the lines. You can have a simple and a casual conversation with him, with nothing to do about your relationship, don’t talk about “why it’s over” and defiantly do not try to ask him if he wants to try again.


Have a simple and a casual conversation with your ex boyfriend.


-         You can call him about something you forgot at his place

-         You can ask him for information about a place that he mentioned and your friends wanna go there, and you remember him telling you about a date he had there.

-         You can ask him about his best friend, if he’s available and that you want to introduce him to your girlfriend.

-         You can ask him about the dealer who sold him his car, if he has connections and if he can get you a discount, tell him that your friend wants to buy the same exact car…

You want to check if your ex boyfriend is still interested in you but, you don’t want to make it too obvious… what NOT to ask and talk about?

Don’t talk about your old relationship, don’t tell him that your friends are saying that it sucks that it’s impossible to hang out with the both of you at the same time, don’t tell him that your mom misses him, don’t tell him that you want to see his dog, don’t ask him if he’s dating somebody.

Every little comment from him, about your relationship, is a big sign for you.

A man who has no interest in you, a man who doesn’t consider having you back, will NEVER make a comment about it, not even a slight one.

What kind of statements are a sign that he still thinks about you and misses you?

Sarcastic comments – your ex boyfriend might say throw some sarcastic comments, such as:

“If we were still together I would come with you, but you will have to take care of yourself this time…” (That’s for an example is a statement that sounds sarcastic but it absolutely shows the pain that he is going through since the both of you broke up)

“I thought about it… about us… and I came to the conclusion that you are amazing… but you are not for me…” (It’s a statement that makes you thing that he made up his mind but, it shows you that he is in pain)

Living in the past – your ex boyfriend might tell stories from your old relationship.

For an example: you tell him something and he says: “that reminds me the time that we were in San Diego…” he says: “remember when we were at wall mart? Man it was so funny! Every time I go there It reminds me about the Russian merchant incident…” (He tells you about the past, that it was fun, interesting, he basically tells you that he thinks about it.)

The obvious questions – your ex boyfriend might also ask you very clear questions…

“Do you still think about US sometimes?”

“Do you still think about me before you go to sleep?”

The “too bad…” statements your ex boyfriend might try and show you that it’s too bad you broke up.

“I think we made stupid mistakes in our relationship…”

“It’s too bad that you and I weren’t smarter in our relationship…”

“If you wouldn’t have gone to Vegas it would all be different now…” (He might say that this is what ruined the relationship but, I remind you that men are very practical creatures, they don’t say stuff for no reason. If it’s impossible to fix or if he has no intention to fix it, he won’t say stuff like that at all.

Listen well and remember – all his statements have a reason. The sensitivity to an ex girlfriend doesn’t exist if he has no feeling for her.

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